Lodi Dodi EQ UI Modification (c) 2002-2009

Screenshot: 1152x864 with Standard Windows & Grey Color Scheme. Click the image or here for the full size image.

Screenshot: 1280x960 with Optional Windows & Black Color Scheme. Click the image or here for the full size image.

Screenshot: 1024x768 with Optional Windows & Brown Color Scheme. Click the image or here for the full size image.

Lodi Dodi UI Information

Lodi Dodi UI Graphics Page - Screenshots and details for each window

Lodi Dodi UI FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Lodi Dodi UI Revision History

Installation tutorial posted on a Lodi Dodi UI user's blog (subliminalconfusion.net)

Download Latest Version

Please view the graphics page before using the Lodi Dodi UI for the first time.

NOTE: Delete all old Lodi Dodi UI files before installing a new version.

  • Lodi Dodi UI 3.3.6 (posted 2/12/09) is available for download at EQInterface.com

IMPORTANT INFO ABOUT 9/5/07 PATCH: In the latest patch they changed things so the width/height from the .ini file overrides whatever width/height is listed in the actual UI files. To maintain the correct width/height of certain windows, you may need to manually edit your characters' .ini files and enter the correct width/height of the specific Buff Window, SDBuff Window, and PetInfo Window that you are using. The following file lists the width/height for each window. For more information, read the related threads at EQInterface.com.

Optional Spell Icons (Should work with any UI)

View the spell icons page to compare the spell icons.

To revert back to the default spell icons, delete all files named "gemicons*.tga" and "spells*.tga" from the directory you used for the UI

Download Lodi Dodi Target Rings Only

View the graphics page for animated screenshots of the target rings.

Donations: Donations are graciously accepted via PayPal to kejulotuseater@yahoo.com

Acknowledgements: This UI uses ideas from the following players/playtesters: Aaldolin, Bratto Castrato, Gamo, Greymantle, Jimmyjam, Katika, Liita, Mynde Kandie, Synymyn, Thorzion Spiritcaller, Twizztid, and Xtal Matrix; and the following UIs: Forry, Sars, Solaria, Tablets, and ZWNitrain.

Feedback: Send questions/comments/suggestions to kejulotuseater@yahoo.com.

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